أرشيف الوسم: حل كتاب Workbook Flying High 5

حل كتاب Workbook Flying High 5

حل كتاب Workbook Flying High 5

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حل كتاب Workbook Flying High 5


That’s b You’re d You’ve got e take c see a

a what you mean. b true. Cyour point. d right e a point.

2 Read the statements 1-5 and match each with one of the

responses a-e. 1 I can see nothing wrong with modern medicine. Recent

advances have only made life better for everyone. 2 Tennis is the greatest sport in the world. There’s no other sport

that compares to its excitement. 3 Everything has already been invented. There’s nothing more

for us to do. 4 Mobile phones are fantastic. Nobody could live without one

these days. 5 Cycling is a waste of time. Everyone should learn to drive a car.

a I see what you mean, but I think there are more things we can

  1. What about finding a cure for cancer, for example? 3 b That’s true, a driver’s licence can be very useful, but I don’t

think it is a waste of time to have a cheaper, greener way of

getting around._5_ C I take your point, but what about Formula One? That’s just as

exciting in my opinion. 2 d You’ve got a point, but it is wrong that only the rich countries

can afford the best drugs, don’t you think? 1 e You’re right and I wouldn’t like to live without mine.

But, actually, about 40% of the world hasn’t got a mobile phone. 4

4 Look at the photo and answer the questions. If you are not

sure of something, say I think or I imagine. 1 What people or things can you see in the photo?

I can see a man in Saudi clothes standing in a field

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